We Create
Global Alliances

What is LES?

What is LES?

Our coin, Liberty Economy Token, offers advanced blockchain technology for global collaboration and alliance making.
It enables you to find new business partners whose beliefs resonate with your philosophy in business, politics, and your values.
Once joining our alliance in this philosophy-based network, you can find new customers,
expand services, and deliver your best products and services to every corner of the free world.

Why We Launched LES

Discord and strife between people around the world have increased in our internet-based society.
A sense of disunification is rising all over the world; between people of different generations, political ideology,
economic behaviors, and lifestyles. Recognizing this friction and its many faces, our founders established Liberty Economy Token
with the idea of uniting people by using blockchain technology and digital assets to empower individuals and
businesses to build alliances across borders with partners with shared value systems.

Our Purpose

Our tokens are designed to facilitate you and your business’s collaboration with others. Being part of an alliance of individuals and enterprises with shared values makes it easier to raise funds, share dividends, and share profits via tokens. To achieve this goal, our tokens can also incorporate payment methods that comply with local regulations. This will allow you to utilize the digital payments you need.